Earthquake shakes Mirpur

Mirpur (Web Desk) After another tremor in Mirpur, people came out of houses, plazas, shops and offices chanting the Kalima Tayyaba. According to the relevant experts, earthquakes have been occurring in the area since 1896, while last year’s and this year’s earthquakes and tremors were not the cause of Mangla Dam but the result of Jhelum Fault Line and Hong Canal Fault Line being activated. The quake, which struck 15 minutes after 11 a.m. on Friday, once again disturbed the people. Speaking on the occasion, several lawyers and sailors expressed their concerns and demanded that a geological survey be conducted and that WAPDA orders and our government However, billions of rupees worth of properties have been damaged in the quake in Kameerpur district and the victims are worried that the Mangla Dam will now be 1212 feet deep after raising it. On the other hand, the news has come to light after contacting the concerned department of WAPDA while examining the records of Jorpots. According to the guidelines, the water column height of the dam can cause earthquakes. According to WAPDA sources, the water column height of Mangladam is 56 meters. Rather, it is the result of the activation of the Hong Canal Fault and the Jhelum Fault Line.

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