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Convention allowance for teachers across Azad Kashmir restored

Mirpur: The Education Department of Azad Kashmir has restored the convention allowance of teachers across Azad Kashmir as soon as the school reopened on September 15. According to details, the convention allowance of teachers teaching in government schools across Azad Kashmir has been restored. Convention allowance was being deducted from the salaries of teachers for the last six months.

Due to coronavirus, educational institutions across Azad Kashmir were closed from March 13. Teachers’ convention allowance was also stopped during the closure of schools. Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 was being deducted. The teachers’ union said that the restoration of convention allowance was a good decision of the Azad Kashmir government. According to a letter issued by the department, after the approval of the finance department, allowances are being given to those who have obtained M.Phil and Ph.D., however, the degrees of these teachers will also be verified.

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