Stopping Food Waste Is Good For China And The World: Xi Jinping

Beijing. August 26 (News Agency) – Chinese President Xi Jinping has issued important directives to permanently stop food wastage. However, the guidelines were misinterpreted by some foreign media as misleading, suggesting that China could face a food crisis. According to Chinese radio, those who think so have a basic understanding of Chinese culture. do not have.

There is a tradition in Chinese history that food is the greatest blessing for people. Similarly, the ancient culture of farming in China has instilled in generations the awareness of the fear of natural disasters and the coming difficulties during peacetime.

Taking precautions is part of the Chinese nation’s ferment. This culture is also the basis for Chinese national leaders’ opposition to food waste. Reducing food waste means not only saving wasted food, but also saving farm labor, water, energy and productivity, which is critical to protecting the earth’s natural environment.

At the same time, a UN agency predicted that the number of hungry people worldwide could increase from 83 million to 132 million by 2020. In this context, China supports food savings and opposes waste, which will also increase confidence in global food security.

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